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Author: Juraj Masiar

Minimum MacOS version: 10.14

Group Speed Dial Pro lets you access your favorite pages in an organized fashion - using groups (folders).
Your dials can be synchronized between all your devices and using the Cloud Dials page you can access them even on your phone!

Pro version info:
- this is a special Safari only life-time PRO version with all Pro features unlocked!
- you will receive updates for all future versions
- some future released Enterprise features may require in-app purchase (like team sharing / collaboration)
- this is a time limited offer! There will be subscription only method in the future.

Top features:
- cloud synchronization - synchronize your dials between devices and browsers
- registration with two clicks using your existing Gmail / Facebook / Twitter account
- Cloud dials - access your dials in any browser, even in your phone!
- Live Dials - live web-pages loaded into your dials (doesn't work with every page)
- Text Dials - store text in your dials
- Search Dials - add as many search providers as you need (supports also custom search engines / shops / etc...)
- active development!

GroupSpeedDial also features drag & drop, history, search, custom background, custom thumbnails, dial notes, automatic thumbnails generation and much more!

Known issues:
- the "Crop / Scale" feature is currently not available for Safari
- thumbnail creation is not perfect and currently cannot be done hidden (it needs to display the page in order to create a thumbnail)

Recently added features:
- The list of changes in last versions is available here:

- some icons are provided by Font Awesome:

bundleId: com.fastaddons.GroupSpeedDial

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