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Author: Michael Tigas

Minimum MacOS version: 14.0

"A simple, but valuable utility for creating timed focus sessions of productivity." - MacStories
"A tool that helps overcome that first step." - Knapsack
"Focused Work helps you stay on track better than ever" - iMore

Focused Work is a flexible Focus Timer that helps you structure your time effectively.

Structure keeps you fresh and productive, so you can get more work done!

A key strength of Focused Work is creating timed focus sessions that break up tasks into smaller parts.

Each task, such as studying, coding, and content writing, could be structured as;
· a 5-minute Planning stage
· two 45-minute Focused Work stages
· with a 10-minute Break stage in the middle

Every session helps you remain self-accountable by asking what will you focus on, and reminds you to maintain focus.

**Core Features**

· Focus Sessions
Create structure for your tasks with Focused Work, Planning, and Break stages.

· Customise each Session
Reorder stages, adjust their length, and add quick notes.

· Self-accountability
Each session begins by asking what will you focus on, and remains on-screen.

· Simple Design
See your focus and current stage at a glance, with an always-on countdown timer.

· Focus Reminders
Avoid distractions by being reminded to stay focused during each session.

· Estimated finish time
Quickly see each session's finish time, to squeeze in an extra task.

· Productivity Dashboard
Track your productivity goals and build a daily focus streak.

· Session Reflection
Rate completed sessions, and add short notes to remember good and bad habits.

· Widgets
Quickly start a new session, view the countdown timer, and see your goal progress.

· Siri Shortcuts
Start your favourite session with Siri and chain together multiple Shortcut automations that adjust your environment for focusing. Do Not Disturb, Play Music, Adjust HomeKit devices.

· Dark Mode
Work into the evening with a timer that doesn't light up your room.

· Optimised for iPadOS
Quickly start favourite sessions from the Sidebar or with Keyboard Shortcuts. Connect a Magic Trackpad or Magic Mouse for a pleasant touch-less experience.

· More Best in Class platform features
Dynamic Type accessibility support. Low Power Mode awareness for iPhone.

**Focused Work Pro**
Focused Work is made by me, Michael! I believe that Focused Work's core features should be free for everyone to use, but if you want to support and help me work on the app full time, you can subscribe to Focused Work Pro to unlock these extra features.

· Toggl Integration
Track time once by logging Focused Work, Break, and Planning stages. Assign Projects and Tags, and create common presets that link to multiple sessions.

· Session Alerts across all devices
Start a Focus Session on your iPad, and receive mid-session alerts on iPhone, Mac, and Apple Watch.

· Productivity Export
Review all completed Focus Sessions in a simple CSV format. Analyse breadcrumbs such as when sessions were started, completed, and other events including how often stages were paused, skipped, or restarted.

· Shortcut Triggers
Automatically trigger Shortcuts while you progress through a focus session and its stages. Automations can be triggered at Session Start/Finish and Stage Start/End.

· iCloud Syncing
Move between iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Created sessions and productivity history are synced between devices with the same Apple ID.

· App Icons
Twelve colours. Light & Dark variants. Pick a favourite icon to match your home screen.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out at

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