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Author: Tom Lauwers

Minimum MacOS version: 10.13

The BlueBird Connector is an app that connects via Bluetooth to the Hummingbird Bit Robotics Kit or the Finch Robot 2.0 so that students can program the robot in Snap!, Python, or Java.

This app scans for available Hummingbird and Finch Robots and connects via Bluetooth to the robot selected by the user. The app monitors the connection and battery status of the robot.
- To program in Snap!, the student opens Snap! through a button in the app.
- To program in Python, the BirdBrain Python Library can be used in any offline Python IDE (
- To program in Java, the BirdBrain Java Library can be used in any offline Java IDE (

- This app requires a Finch Robot 2.0, Hummingbird Bit Robotics Kit, or BBC micro:bit. These robots are available at
- Each robot connects to the app via Bluetooth BLE. Make sure to load the Bluetooth-ready firmware onto your robot. You can find instructions by selecting your robot at
- The BlueBird Connector is not compatible with browser-based versions of Python or Java.

bundleId: com.birdbraintechnologies.BlueBird-Connector

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