Revenge of Apes 3D: Prison Escape Story

Revenge of Apes 3D: Prison Escape Story download

Author: Techving

Minimum iOS version: 8.0

The story of the revenge of apes start from a highly guarded medical facility where angry gorillas are held in prison cells. Your mission is to break the prison, fight with prison guards and rescue your fellow apes Escape towards the jungle on survival island to gather an ape army.

Armed forces have a special medical facility where apes are held in cages and evil scientists perform experiments on them. Escape from prison and lead your army for the final apes war against humans. Rise from the dark forest, fight for survival and gather an apes army to wage war against injustice. In this survival game you are on the apes side to fight this battle for the planet. Jail break from the prison and disappear in the jungle. Play as angry ape to fight the war with human forces and become the savior of your species. After escaping from asylum, the ape has to face survival challenge in the amazon jungle. Hunt wild animals for food and built shelter in unchartered territory. Explore wilderness to gather resources and prepare for the final ape battle. Raise your army and bring together all angry apes. Lead the apes revolution against the humans and attack the city. In this life of apes survival game the fate of your species is in your hand.

Game Features:
12 thrilling and challenging ape survival missions
Thrill of playing the role of angry gorilla
Shoot and hunt wild animals for food
Visually stunning open world jungle environment
High quality 3D graphics, smooth and intuitive controls

Enjoy the unique gameplay and give your feedback to help us improve this game in future releases.

bundleId: com.wcs.apes.revenge.jungle.survival3d
Revenge of Apes 3D: Prison Escape Story
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