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Author: DriveSavers, Inc.

Minimum iOS version: 11.0

DriveSaver® is the first and only hard drive simulator for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Created by DriveSavers Data Recovery, it’s a virtual world that gives you a realistic sense of the disastrous feelings, sights, and sounds of data storage device failure. Anyone who ever wanted to see inside a hard drive or learn why drives fail must try it!

The most popular feature of the application is “Crash a Hard Drive,” a simulation of real-world drive failures that users experience daily. Watch a head crash score the platters and turn the data into dust, and, in the new version 1.1 update, see a Solid State Drive (SSD) circuit board go up in smoke chip-by-chip​. DriveSaver® enables users to explore the different parts of the drive and their function. And, if data loss does occur, DriveSaver® can help prevent catastrophic loss with dos and don’ts for data recovery.

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