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Body Cupid is a premium and luxury bath and body range inspired by the belief that your body deserves as much tender loving care as your face does.

You will agree that to feel truly beautiful, you need to look and feel good from tip to toe. That’s why, at Body cupid, we have created a wide range of truly excellent bath and body products – body scrubs, bath & shower gels, body butters, body polishes, bath salts, and moisturizers – that lovingly indulge, pamper and nurture your skin to make you feel extra special and extra radiant.

Body Cupid fuses millennia-old holistic aromatherapeutic principles with modern botanical science to present a premium range of products that gently yet effectively heals the everyday damages unleashed by pollution and stress on your skin to restore wellness and glow. Every formulation comes enriched with purest, therapeutic grade essential oils and other premium botanicals that cleanse, refresh and relax you body, mind and soul. To ensure truly good and deeply nourishing products, we do not put any harmful parabens or sulphates or mineral oils in any of our formulations. We also do not indulge in animal testing and all our products are guaranteed vegetarian.


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