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As we know, we wear clothing to protect our body against heat of the sun, rain, cold weather, and many natural phenomena, based on the men’s clothes which we wear, we also define our social role in the community, until to express our personality through our clothing.

If you don’t already known what kind of men’s clothing that suits you, maybe you can ask other people and their opinions as well. But keep in mind, it all depends on where you live, it affects the choice of men’s clothes too.
We cannot deny that the clothes are our second skin. Most of our life is spent on the clothes, and the clothes you wear will be seen by people, and from there, they assess your character or personality.
So what is Men’s African Clothes? We only discuss that in two things, the clothes and the colors;

Back to the history of the past, in slavery time, black society kept their very best clothing for their day off or for their Sunday to express their hope. From there we know as well, that according to them that image is something that they say as a high in priority in the black society. Zeal in maintaining their look, came from the past apparently, from their ancestors.

Clothes that we were in every single day, it doesn’t know skin color at all, but you know what, there is history in the clothes that you wear. Clothes never make the man, but us the man, we make the best clothes. Keep it simple and don’t forget our culture. In fact, every man wears clothes from the past and wear it as part of the style and fashion of our present even future.

Most of the bright colors suit for those who have dark skin. White, red, pastel and bright yellow. The bright colors are part of the culture of African – Americans are not inevitable. Cultures which were maintained from generation to generation. African culture has a lot of colors, and they symbolize of spirit. That’s why men’s african have no doubt to wear clothing which has a bright color.

Therefore the two things that we read above, they describe that black people maintain so well their clothes and the colors that became a symbol of the spirit and joy, they also assume that the image is something important that is considered as a priority. It’s so different from men who come from different races, who may still think that the image of men’s clothes is not so important. African society never underestimate colour, in addition to color can support a style of clothing, the color also gives a sense of excitement.

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