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Book Appointments, Access your Health information and Track Medical Expenditure.
It is simple really. It is a partnership between your healthcare and you.

How often have you left your doctor’s office or the hospital’s outpatient clinic with an illegibly penned prescription note? Why has the doctor approved that particular medication and with that specific dosage? Were there any other options available? Would you not like to know?

Chances are that when the doctor was examining you, you did not take any written notes. How could you when you are lying on the medical bed? You also would have been totally absorbed in the doctor’s movements, and offering answers to questions asked to even contemplate delaying the session to whip out your Smartphone and key in the observations. What did that routine physical examination reveal?

Nor would you have time to as the grey and white machines hover around you with their silent yet distilling loud humming sound. At that point, chances are you would be attempting – in your mind - to figure out just what exactly that X-Ray scan or the coded print out will reveal. How different would it be from the last one and the one before?

It is most likely that you don’t possess a photographic memory as it is virtually non-existent in adults. All that shows up then on the X-Ray scan or print-out and then transcribed to the doctor’s notepad, or computed into the desktop computer, will sooner rather than later become a faint memory.

Will you be able to recall all that data should you, for whatever reason, seek a different medical practitioner, change your insurance provider, or when in need of emergency care? The most likely answer to these concerns is no; no, you will not.

The first step in you taking control of your own healthcare is by having access to your own medical records.

This is the significant space that Medbook platform plugs.

Medbook is an innovative universal health platform that allows you to securely store, access and share your medical records at the touch of a button. More importantly, what Medbook offers to you is this: a better healthcare and insurance plan. With your digitised medical history standardised to a universally accepted format, Medbook plugs you into an extraordinary diverse pool of medical practitioners as well as pairing you with an insurance provider who will meet your precise needs.

Medbook also serves as a built-in data analytics platform with immensely innovative capabilities. What this means is that, Medbook can predict, prevent or at the very least, minimise the physical and financial burden that epidemics and outbreaks cause countrywide.

For insurance firms, the challenge faced is not just that most medical records are paper-based and scattered in many institutions, but for it, incidences of fraudulent claims have risen dramatically. With the Medbook platform, the immediate benefit is the markedly reduced expenditure commitment to verifying claims. Not only will Medbook do that for you, but also ease and replace the billing system employed making your operations more effective and efficient.

Medbook is the future now of healthcare planning and implementation in Kenya.

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